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Newly installed robotic software from Delcam allows greater accuracy and control of our 7 axis robot system. We are now able to interactively assess interferences between the robot arm and the part being milled as well as any fixtures or frames. We are able to analyze and simulate directly within our programming suite ensuring reliable toolpaths.  Each axis is fully controlled and optimized in the toolpath for either speed or accuracy depending on the process we are using the robot for.


Program robots holding spindles for tool to part applications, ideal for machining large, heavy parts for prototype manufacturing or low production runs, as well as cladding or non-destructive testing.

Suitable for programming part to tool applications, such as grinding or finishing, and mass production runs.

Increase the working area of robots with external axes, such as linear tracks and rotary tables, for greater flexibility over the size and types of parts you can manufacture.

Define a solver strategy to achieve the desired robot simulation and constrain the robot's movements through different variables such as axis limits, axis priorities and tool work planes.

Learn about any issues that may prevent toolpaths from being completed with notifications of the robot potentially reaching axis limits and singularities.

With increased control over the robot arm we will be adding additional end of arm tooling and additional services in the near future.

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